How to complete Earn to Die

Earn To Die is the first installment of Earn To Die game series. The game is set in a period where the world is struck by zombie apocalypse. Players need to escape the zombies in order to save their lives in this cute zombie survival game. Unlike other zombie survivor games, this game doesn’t bring you gruesome graphics or visuals; instead it introduces a funny way to deal with zombies, which is escape.

The game is very engaging, but lots of users have trouble completing the game as they are unable to tackle the game correctly. Earn To Die may seem as an endless driving game but it can surely be completed if you play patiently. If you just starting out – play earn to die 2 – it is much easier than the other versions. You can read about it on Wikipedia.

Earn To Die 4 is pretty simple as well, but I don’t like it as much. The second version is more suitable for beginners.

earn to die 1

If you are still curious, then read the below-mentioned tips to know how to complete Earn To Die:

  • In the beginning, players are provided with an option to choose from 3 vehicles – small car, big car and truck. However, as you have only 500 coins in your coin purse you have to end up choosing the small car.
  • Be patient and play using the small car till the fuel meter reaches zero. Repeat the cycle for a number of times till you have enough money to spend on upgrades.
  • Players can upgrade their vehicle using different types of upgrades ranging from wheel, suspension, engine, propeller, weapon, fuel tank (available in earn to die 3) , etc.
  • Each performance upgrade enhances the overall performance of your vehicle. So, try to acquire all of them slowly and gradually.
  • Remember, the farther you reach and more zombies you crumble beneath your car, more will be your coin purse!
  • Once you have upgraded your small car to the optimum level then save enough coins to but a big car.
  • Repeat the same cycles i.e. optimize all upgrades of the big car and save enough to buy a truck.
  • The truck is the only vehicle that can take you to your destination as it has better suspension, bigger fuel tanks, super wheels, rocket propellers, and machine guns as the upgrades.
  • Earn enough money to completely upgrade your truck as you will reach your goal only when your truck is fully upgraded.
  • Use propeller boosts at places such as upward slopes, barricades, etc. as it would reduce the amount of effort and save fuel.


The game can be easily completed if you carefully follow the mentioned tips in the correct sequence. Missing or skipping some will cost you more time! So, enjoy playing!