Earn to Die 1

Are you in the mood to kill some zombies? Then buckle up and enjoy the ride in this entertaining zombie-killing flash game, Earn to Die!

How to Play

You’re stranded in a zombie infested desert. Your only means of defense is your truck. Run down zombies to earn money, then use the money to purchase upgrades for your truck to help you to better defend yourself. Earn bonus cash by coming up with creative and impressive ways to kill the zombies, as well as breaking down other obstacles and barriers in your path.

Click to play Earn to Die 

Click to play Earn to Die

Primary Controls

There are only a few basic controls that players need to become familiar with in Earn to Die. To control your car, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. By pressing the up arrow, you can move your truck forward. By pressing the left and right arrow keys, you control the vehicle’s forward and backward tilt. This becomes quite useful when you’ve picked up enough speed to go airborne! In addition, once you’ve unlocked the boosters, you can press the J or X keys to activate them.


There are three primary vehicles you will use throughout the game – a small hatchback, a good old pickup truck, and a cool heavy pickup truck. Each of these vehicles can be upgraded. When you begin the game, you start out with the small hatchback, and a little bit of money to upgrade it. Continue to upgrade your vehicle, as well as purchase new vehicles, in order to complete the game! After completing, you can play the next version at http://www.earntodie5.net/earn-to-die-2-exodus/ .

Earn to Die upgrades


While each vehicle can be upgraded, when you purchase a new vehicle, your upgrades are not compatible with the improved trucks. Instead, you start the next level with a brand new truck that you will need to upgrade from the ground up.

To upgrade the small hatchback, you can add a booster propeller, fuel tank, new wheels, a new transmission, a more powerful engine, as well as weapons. All of the fuel tanks and booster propellers will need fuel and you will need to purchase ammunition for the weapons, so keep this in mind when you’re spending that stack of cash you just earned!

  • Small Hatchback Wheels Options – 13 inch AT, 25 inch AT, and 37 inch MT
  • Small Hatchback Transmission Options – fwd, fwd sport, and 4wd sport
  • Small Hatchback Engine Options – 75hp Stock, 100hp L6, and 120hp V6

Original Earn to Die

The old truck upgrades are slightly different, but much better than those of the hatchback. Similar to the hatchback, you can add booster turbines, upgrade the fuel tank, and add a weapon.

  • Old Truck Wheels Options – 25 inch AT, 37 inch AT, and 42 inch MT
  • Old Truck Transmission Options – rwd, rwd sport, and 4wd sport
  • Old Truck Engine Options – 200hp V6, 250hp V8, and 300hp V8 Turbo

Lastly, once you’ve unlocked the cool heavy pickup truck, you’ll be able to add much more impressive upgrades to it. These upgrades will be just what you need in order to kill all those zombies roaming around the desert! Similar to the previous vehicles, you can upgrade this truck’s fuel tank, and add a weapon and a booster rocket.

  • Heavy Pickup Truck Wheel Options – 37 inch AT, 42 inch MT, and the impressive Super Wheel
  • Heavy Pickup Truck Transmission Options – 4wd, 4wd sport, and 6wd sport
  • Heavy Pickup Truck Engine Options – 350hp, 400hp Turbo, and 450hp Twin Turbo