Earn to Die 3 Unblocked

In Earn to Die 3 Unblocked, your heroic character has managed to safely cross the desert and entered a major city. Now, he is tasked with finding his way to a nearby military base where it is rumored that other survivors have formed a camp. There’s one problem, though. The city is completely infested with undead zombies. And worse, your trusty school bus is out of gas and banged up bad. Make your way to the military base by locating a new set of wheels and mowing down zombies like summertime weeds.

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3 unblocked

How to Play

Your character has safely made it to his previous destination, but now he needs to seek shelter at a nearby military base where he has heard rumors of a safe haven camp that was created by other survivors. Upon entering the city, your character has found a map clutched in the hands of a not-yet-turned zombie. Use the map, then find a suitable vehicle that can help you reach the military base.

Along your journey, you will quickly realize that the first vehicle you’ve chosen will not quite make it all the way to the base. You will need to find alternative wheels, and fast. Your vehicle options are a fire truck, a red pickup truck, and a military transport vehicle. Earn enough cash by killing zombies to purchase and upgrade each of these vehicles in order to finally reach your destination.

Player Controls

As in the previous versions, players can use the arrow keys on their keyboard to control their vehicle’s tilt, acceleration, as well as move in reverse. Additionally, by pressing the X key, players can activate speed boosters to help them gain a quick burst of speed. Be careful using your speed booster, though. It uses up a lot of special, expensive fuel.



As in the last versions, players are required to upgrade various parts of their vehicle. In addition, these upgrades are not compatible between all three vehicles. Upgradable parts include the fuel tank, engine, transmission, speed booster, tires, and guns. Mounting guns and other zombie kits can help you easily kill approaching zombie hoards without your vehicle taking damage. However, due to the apocalypse, bullet supplies are low, so use them wisely.

The fuel tank, engine, transmission, and tires are what most players upgrade to max as soon as possible. This is because you will need a full tank of gas and a good set of wheels with great traction in order to reach your final destination without slipping and sliding all over the road from all of the disgusting zombie guts.

What’s New?

Earn to Die 3 is now offered in an unblocked version to allow players all over the world access to the game from any computer. Play at home, in your school library, or at your desk in your office at work – just try not to get caught by your teachers or your boss!