Earn to Die Super Wheel

Earn to Die Super Wheel has taken the internet by storm! Purchase and upgrade vehicles, then drive them through the desert and smash into the zombies infesting the area. Reach the goal line in the fewest days possible to earn your bragging rights! Do you think you can handle it?

Main Menu

On the Main Menu screen, there are a few key options available to players to select. You can toggle the music and sound effects of the game on or off as well as begin a new game. If you’ve played Earn to Die Super Wheel before, then you can pick up right where you left off by selecting the Load Game option. In addition, you can test your skills in the Challenge mode.

Click Here to play Earn to Die Super Wheel


Click to play Earn to Die Super Wheel

How to Play

When you select the New Game option, you will begin the game from the very beginning with a little bit of starter money to purchase your first car – the Small Hatchback. This begins the story mode of the game.  Play each day to earn cash that you will later use to purchase upgrades and additional parts for your vehicle, including new and improved vehicles!


Playing Earn to Die Super Wheel is easy enough that even small children can enjoy it! The primary control keys are your arrow buttons. Press the up button to move your vehicle through the desert. Press the down button to hit the brakes. Use your left and right arrows to adjust the tilt of the vehicle.


Your primary goal is to purchase upgrade parts and better vehicles to help you reach the goal line at the end of the game. As you progress to that goal line, earn stacks of cash by plowing through hoards of zombies. The closer you get to the goal, the more money you will make. Additionally, by performing stunts such as killing three zombies at one time or blasting through stacks of crates, you can earn some much needed bonus cash!

Earn to Die Super Wheel


Each vehicle you purchase offers optional upgrade parts and accessories. However, these upgrades are not compatible with other vehicles. For instance, the transmission upgrades you purchase for the small hatchback vehicle will not transfer over to the good old pickup truck when you’ve unlocked it. Instead, you will begin using the good old pickup truck with non-upgraded parts, and upgrade it from scratch. While this may deter some players from wanting to purchase newer vehicles, keep in mind that you are purchasing better, stronger, faster vehicles that will help you reach the goal line easier.

There are a total of six parts on each vehicle that can be purchased and upgraded.

  • Boosters – Acts like nitrogen for your vehicle. Once you’ve unlocked this booster, all you need to do is purchase the fuel
  • Fuel Tank – Click the fuel upgrade bar to increase the amount of fuel your tank can carry
  • Wheels – There are three types of wheels for each vehicle that provide better grip to help you overcome various obstacles on the path
  • Transmission – There are three transmission types per vehicle
  • Engine – There are three engine types per vehicle
  • Weapon – For each vehicle, you can purchase a better gun. Once you’ve purchased the gun, all you need to do is purchase the ammunition.

Earn to Die Super Wheel

Challenge Mode

To unlock the Challenge mode, you first need to complete the story mode. To complete the story mode, simply purchase and upgrade parts for your trucks and make it all the way to the goal line.

In the Challenge mode, you are tasked with driving as far as possible in three days on a very strict budget. There are three budget options that you can select.

  • $7,000 – start with the hatchback vehicle
  • $50,000 – start with the good old pickup truck
  • $100,000 – start with the cool heavy pickup truck

After you’ve chosen which budget option you wish to start with, you will then need to decide which parts you want to use that budget toward. This means that you begin this mode from scratch again. But don’t worry, within the three days you will be able to earn more money to continue the upgrades.